Mwiba Wildlife Reserve: Treasures of Tanzania

Mwiba Wildlife Reserve

The animal world of Tanzania doesn’t need a separate introduction. Thousands of tourists come to the national parks to go on an exciting game drive and see African predators. Perhaps the most popular location is the Serengeti National Park. When tourists come here, they want to see the Great Migration of the wildebeest, the pride […]

Hadza Tribe: A Meeting That Will Change Your Worldview

Hadza Tribe

Do you remember when you were a child and explored the world? What information from your childhood is the most memorable? For example, I remember holding a large atlas called The World and Man. I recall looking at the illustrations of different nations and being amazed at people with spears and wearing loincloths. I was […]

Rovos Train: Travel Through Africa Like Royalty

Rovos Train

There are several ways to travel through Africa. The most common are off-road driving and domestic flights. But what if we were to suggest that you travel through time and travel through Africa at the same time? Before you continue reading this article, close your eyes and imagine yourself living in, say, early 20th-century England. Imagine what […]

The Wildebeest Migration: A Must-See in Tanzania

wildebeest migration

As African wildlife lovers head into late summer and early fall, the talk is only about the wildebeest migration. Why is wildebeest migration so popular? And is it as exciting as they say? In this post, we answer the most popular questions about the event. What Is the Wildebeest Migration? The beauty of a safari […]

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