Q: Is it safe to travel in Africa?

A: Yes, it is. We do recommend that it is always best to travel with a buddy. You have to make sure your personal belongings and documents are stored safely whilst traveling. Just be cautious on busy streets and places of who is around you. 

Q: What is the best time to travel?

A: The best time is between May and October (dry season) in Southern Africa. During this time the animals congregate around sources of water, and the bush is thin and low making visibility much easier. The other times of the year are good times as well, yet your activities will vary depending on the season. The Green Season (wet season) is from November to April, the bush is very thick and animals are dispersed.  

Q: Do you Need A visa for the countries you are traveling to?

A: This depends on which country you are from. Visas will vary from USD $30 – $100.

A. For Zimbabwe and Zambia you may get a Kaza visa, which allows you to travel between the two countries multiple times for 30 days. You can visit the Zimbabwe Website for more information on visa requirements. 

Q: Is the water safe to drink in Africa?

A: Water out of the tap in most countries is not safe to drink. Locals may do it, but their immune systems are adjusted to it. It is advisable for all international travelers to drink bottled water. 

Q: What type of food is served in Africa?

A: Food varies from country to country and upon your budget. In most forms of accommodation, food is of a western cuisine. Local food can be found in the local restaurants. If you have bought any fresh fruit or food, make sure you wash it with running water, or bottled water.   

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