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A mobile safari in Africa is an occasion to feel the utmost unity with nature. For this experience, tourists go to the Mwiba Private Game Reserve. Because of its location and the small number of lodges, only a few tourists can stay here at the same time. Thanks to this privacy, it feels like you are alone here. That has its romance because when you go on a game drive, you do not have to stand in a queue of jeeps to see a leopard. 

But even in such a remote location, you can find an even more remote location. Mwiba guests can take advantage of a romantic evening away from the lodges. Of those present, it will be you and the people with whom you share the journey. There will be a ranger, as well, who will be discreet but watch your safety. 

So, once you arrive at the location, you can do a walking safari, walking through the surroundings. Here you will also be served a gourmet dinner. You will dine, drink cool African wine, and enjoy a special kind of silence. You will hear the crackling of the fire and the sounds of wild animals. And you will also be on a hill with an incredible panorama. 

You will also spend the night here. Your sleeping place will be a comfortable bed, and the tent walls will be more like a mosquito net. They will be strong enough to protect you from insects. But thin enough to give you a good view of the Southern Hemisphere constellations when you fall asleep. 


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