African Luxury Safari: A Journey With Iconic Expeditions


Hello, our future tourist! We want to tell you what you can expect from your African luxury safari with Iconic Expeditions.

From the first minutes of our cooperation, you realize we don’t offer typical tours. We handle every request with special attention and consider all your interests.

Your safari will always start with a small formal meeting. Our guide-driver will give you branded gifts from Iconic Expeditions and treat you with champagne. This is how you will celebrate the start of your exciting African journey and hit the road. 

By the way, you don’t have to worry about African off-roading. All of our Jeeps are no older than a 2019 model year. They handle the toughest roads perfectly. 


Our licensed driver guides are true professionals. First, they are very polite and sincerely try to make you enjoy your African luxury safari. After a short conversation with them, you will already feel you are old friends. Second, they know and love their countries very well. Be prepared to hear a lot of interesting and informative stories. And most importantly, the Iconic Expeditions team guides are very attentive, because your safety on safari is above all for us. 

Our staff speaks English. But if you would like to have someone with you who speaks your language, we can arrange that. We have interpreters for Italian, Spanish, German, and so forth.

Accommodation on an African Luxury Safari

We are very careful about the lodges you will stay at. Even if you are in a lodge or hotel just for one night, everything has to be at the highest level. We will offer a lodge where you don’t just spend the night and move on. But where you will enjoy the service, the food, the views from the room and all kinds of terraces. Where the staff shows true African hospitality skills.


The main diet in safari lodges is meat, vegetables, local snacks, and fruits. Before suggesting a hotel, we will definitely ask about your gastronomic preferences. If you need vegetarian, halal meals, we will find an accommodation option with the necessary type of food.

You can forget about lunchboxes when you go on safari with Iconic Expeditions. Even on the endless savannah, you’ll have a full, hot lunch the night before you leave for the park. See for yourself, our bush picnics are delicious and beautiful!

Extra Service on an African Luxury Safari 

Thanks to our VIP service, we can show you the most remote, exclusive places in Africa. Provide you with the highest level of comfort. Your task is to relax and enjoy an African safari. The Iconic Expeditions team will do the rest!

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