Calving Season in Serengeti: Wonder in Wildlife

You can visit Africa whenever you want. There are so many attractions that being here always makes sense. But there are special seasons. Some events can only be seen once a year for a certain period. One of these awesome events is a Calving Season in Serengeti.

What is Calving Season?

If you know something about a safari in Africa, you’ve heard about the Great Wildebeest Migration. This event takes place in Tanzania all year round. The most dramatic moment is crossing the Mara River from July to September. Tourists come especially to see how the animals overcome the biggest obstacle in their way. But crossing the rushing river is not the antelope’s only problem. Predators such as lions and leopards are about to attack, taking advantage of the moment.

But what is calving season? That is the most magical period of the entire migration process. In fact, it’s when it begins. During the calving season in the Serengeti, you can see thousands of antelope cubs being born. Seeing the little calves, who live only a few minutes, take their first uncertain steps on African soil is one of the most precious moments of a safari.

Other Features of the Calving Season

You may ask, “What about the other animals? Wouldn’t I see a lion, a leopard, hyenas, and other representatives of the African savannah? So, we answer, “Of course, you must see them!” (but we don’t guarantee it, you remember). Usually, the calving season is not limited to watching antelopes and, for example, zebras. The fact is that newborn antelopes are the easiest prey for predators. When you see a baby antelope exploring the world, know that a lioness is lurking somewhere nearby to grab the defenseless animal. The calving season promises to be the most exciting wildlife-watching experience. You have the opportunity to witness a fateful interaction. 

But antelope mothers are aware of the danger and seek to protect their cubs. They instinctively try to stay in a place with low grass. They also strive to surround their cubs to protect them from a bloodthirsty predator. That is the magic of the safari when you see the incredible power of animal instincts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calving Season

Some additional information about the calving season for you.

When is the calving season?

Antelopes usually start giving birth in January-February. This season lasts until March.

In which area can I observe the calving season?

It takes place in the plains of the Southern Serengeti and the Ndutu area.

Are only antelope born during this season?

From January through February, the Southern Plains of the Serengeti are very green. Many animals give birth during this period. Zebras and gazelles join the herds of antelopes to get under their protection and be safe. You may also see little giraffes or elephants.

Explore the world with us

Safari’s not just “going to see the animals” as it is in zoos. Especially during the calving season, you have a unique opportunity to see how animals are born and develop, and how they fight for their right to life. At least once you see these processes, you will forever change your attitude toward the animal world. 

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