Fly-in Safari in Namibia: What You Should Know


Namibia is a country that attracts tourists with its intriguing unconventional beauty. They come here to visit the most beautiful places in the Namib Desert. Learn how the local tribes live on the edge of the earth. And see the magic of sunrise and sunset in the desert. 

Before you travel to Namibia, you need to understand that this is a large country. It is many times larger than some well-known countries in Europe. The national population density is so small that you can go for a long time and not meet a single living soul on the way. So it is necessary to plan a route and choose a way to move.

There are three classical ways to travel around the country: a private trip with a guide, self-drive and a fly-in safari in Namibia. If the first option is clear, then others I suggest elaborate.

What Is a Fly-in Safari

That is essentially the same safari, as usual, only you travel all the distance by plane. There are three flight options:

  • Regular flights. Their advantage is the price, but these flights are not always direct and there must be a minimum of 2 people to book tickets.
  • Shuttle flights. Another not expensive way to fly, but only for short distances. The choice of destinations on these flights is also limited.
  • Private flights. This method is the most flexible, as it does not require a minimum number of tourists. The plane is assigned to you for the whole trip. You have an opportunity to fly to the most remote corners of the country. You can fly into the heart of Sossusvlei, so your adventure begins as soon as you step off the plane.

Flights by private jet don’t have to be extremely expensive. The total cost will also depend on the lodges you choose. 

When planning a trip to Namibia, just tell us what places you want to visit and we will find the best flight options for you. 

Self-drive vs. Fly-in safari

Both are worthy of attention. Each type of travel has its fans. When you go self-drive, you travel in a car you rented in advance, following a set route. We give our recommendations, but how much time you spend on a particular location is up to you. 

A flying safari is a way to see more than a self-drive. But that doesn’t mean a fly-in safari has to include 7,10 or more locations. Even if you choose only three places to visit, you will have time to enjoy and fully experience the vibe of each iconic location. Whereas during a self-drive (if we are talking about the standard duration of the tour) you enjoy more driving through a deserted country and stay briefly at your destination. 

And of course, during a safari by plane, you have the exclusive opportunity to get a good look at the sights of Namibia from the air. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fly-In Safari in Namibia

In this section, I will answer the most popular questions from tourists. I think this information will be useful for you as well. 

Can I take my child on a flying safari?

Definitely yes. Children from the age of 2 years are allowed to fly. Traveling around Namibia by car is usually quite long. In addition, most roads are not covered with asphalt, which means there will be a lot of dust. Therefore, flying will be an even more comfortable way to travel for your baby.

Is it safe to fly on private flights in Namibia?

We cooperate only with reliable charter companies which keep a close eye on the condition of their aircraft, and the pilots are real professionals. You will be given a safety briefing before your flight.

Are there stewardesses on these flights?

As the flights take less than an hour, there will only be one or two pilots on board, depending on the type of aircraft. You will get all the help you need before takeoff.

Are there any restrictions on baggage?

Yes, all domestic flights have baggage restrictions. We will inform you about them when preparing your tour.

If it is a private flight, can I smoke on board?

Smoking is strictly forbidden on board.

Can I take photos during the flight?

Of course, you can use your camera. That’s why you are taking off into the sky over Namibia, to see its beauty from the plane. There will be a lot of pictures, so don’t forget to free up the memory of your device. 

Fly-in safari in Namibia, a trip that will remain forever in your memory as one of the most exciting. I suggest you check out option one of our fly-in safari tour and let’s quickly plan the details of your new trip together!

Do you still have questions about a flying safari in Namibia? What type of trip would you choose? Share your thoughts with us.

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