Hadza Tribe: A Meeting That Will Change Your Worldview

Do you remember when you were a child and explored the world? What information from your childhood is the most memorable? For example, I remember holding a large atlas called The World and Man. I recall looking at the illustrations of different nations and being amazed at people with spears and wearing loincloths. I was a child who lived in a house with all kinds of appliances and wore nice clothes. It was strange for me to realize that somewhere on the other side of the World, there are people who still live in caves. All their clothes might have been a patchwork of animal skin. They decorated their bodies in strange patterns and danced around the fire.

At that time, I perceived it as a fairy tale. Now there is no doubt that these people exist, for example, Hadza Tribe. But we live in a world where we can own whatever we want and be whoever we want. So it can be challenging to realize that there are still primitive people who do not change the traditions of their ancestors.

Who Are the Hadza?

One such tribe is the Hadza tribe near Lake Eyasi, in Tanzania. They live near the site where traces of the first modern human descendant Homo habilis were found. It also considered the Hadza people to be members of the oldest humans.

The Hadza are hunter-gatherers by occupation. In contrast to the Maasai tribe, they do not seek to acquire large herds of cows or grow crops. The Hadza get all their food from hunting and gathering berries, plant roots, and turtle eggs. These people are proficient in archery, which helps them hunt some animals and birds. 

The Hadza are prone to seasonal migration. When there is less food in their place, they change their location. That is why the Hadza people do not build permanent huts. Their home is temporary shelters or caves. 

Also, unlike many tribes, the Hadza tribe has virtually no hierarchy. They hold older people in high esteem. But in the case of a conflict, no elder has to judge people. They resolved all conflict situations through simple dialogue. 

There are no rigid rules in the family statutes either. The Hadza is mainly monogamous. After the wedding, the just married decide where and how they will live.

The Hadza cannot be called a religious people. They have no idols or gods that they worship. However, there are some rituals, such as Epeme. That is the name of an adult male. To gain this status, a man must kill a big game. Usually, this happens at the age of 20. Epeme men have certain privileges. Only they can eat certain parts of large wild animals. Other men who have not become epeme are not allowed to be present. If a man did not become an epeme by killing a large animal, he automatically gets this status by age 30. 

There is also a special epeme dance. They danced it in complete darkness when the moon is not visible. A man dressed in unique clothes starts his dance. After he has done his part, the women can join the dance.

What Is the Main Feature of the Hadza tribe?

The Hadza people have been the subject of study by many scientists for many years. All because of their way of life. The Hadza are considered the healthiest people in the world. Of course, some die at a fairly young age due to injuries sustained during the hunt. But those who live to the age of 70-80 y.o have no signs of heart disease. After all, this is the most common disease of modern man.

Of course, the Hadza eat healthier food. They do not live surrounded by cars and various machinery, which can negatively affect their health. But their major secret is the right way to sit. 

Physical activity is essential to anyone’s health. Our problem is that we sit too much. The Hadza people also spend a lot of time sitting. But their major secret is an unusual posture. Since the Hadza have no chairs or other objects on which they can sit, they simply sit in a squatting position. In doing so, their feet, not just their toes, touch the ground completely. In this body position, it is especially important to keep your balance. Therefore, when squatting, the body engages different muscle groups. In this way, the Hadza maintains their physical activity, even when they sit. 

They believe that weak muscles are the major enemy of our health. We have a lot to learn from the ancient tribe here, don’t we?

What Else Will a Visit to the Hadza Tribe Gives You?

It’s always interesting to learn about the secrets of longevity from other people. The Hadza are sure to share their philosophy of healthy living with you. But there’s more. 

  • You will see a different Tanzania. We get to know the country through personal observations and interacting with locals. It’s always interesting to learn what a modern local lives on, but interacting with the most authentic settlements is a unique experience.
  • Learn how to shoot an arrow. It would seem, why do we need archery? But that’s what you’ll think until you pick up this ancient weapon. Believe us, it’s exciting.
  • Re-evaluate your values. We often forget that we have water running from the faucet and a warm bed. We can go to the store and buy absolutely any food we want, and so on. At the same time, we often feel unhappy. After meeting Hadza, you will remember how happy and wealthy you are.  
  • Get a souvenir. The tribesmen do not like to let guests go empty-handed, but they expect a gift from you in return. And it is not money. Unlike other tribes, the Hadza do not try to extort money from tourists.
  • Learn how to be happy just because you are alive. The Hadza tribe members are very smiling people. We guarantee you to get a boost of positivity and smile more often just for fun. 

Meet the Tribes in Africa

A cultural experience in Africa is as essential as a safari trip or a visit to famous natural landmarks. A visit to the Hadza tribe could be one of your most memorable African encounters. Sometimes it is necessary to escape from your ultra-modern life and at least for a couple of hours to be in the primitive conditions of the ancient tribes. It’s not only a way to learn something about the authentic indigenous population. It’s a way to learn something new about yourself.

Getting to the Hadza tribe is not tricky. You can do it during a safari in Serengeti or Ngorongoro. We suggest you do that on our 5 Days of Wildlife and Tribes tour.

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