Meals on safari

How do you arrange meals on safari?

This is one of the most common questions of tourists.

The meal plan is Full board or All inclusive. It depends on the level of the lodge you have chosen. That is, you will be provided with breakfast and dinner at your lodge restaurant. As for lunchtime, there are two options. If you are in your lodge at that time, you also have lunch at the restaurant. If you are on safari, you have a picnic right in the park.

Usually, the lodge will prepare a lunchbox for you, which you take to the park. They can put something like sandwiches, fruits, sweets, and a bottle of water in it. We know from our experience that this is not always convenient or nourishing.

So, here’s the thing. WE DON’T USE LUNCHBOXES.

Booking a safari with Iconic Expeditions, you are guaranteed to get a hot and nutritious lunch.

When you’re on a safari in the afternoon, you’ll make a stop in the park for lunch. Your guide will set up a table and chairs, set up a table cloth and serve you food and drinks.

We’ve specially designed a menu for bush lunches. By the way, the food will be prepared in advance the same day. In addition to food, you will always have cool drinks such as water, soda, juice and beer with you in the jeep.

Taking care of tourists is always a priority for us. Travel comfortably with Iconic Expeditions!

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