Traveling to Africa with kids

There is a stereotype that traveling to Africa can be difficult and unsafe for a child. Are there really reasons that make traveling to Africa with a child impossible?

  1. Complicated rules of entry.
    Indeed, there are countries that require a yellow fever vaccination, including a child. Therefore, it is advisable to choose Tanzania, Kenya or South Africa. No yellow fever vaccination or malaria prevention is required to visit these countries.
  2. Long flight. 
Depending on the city of departure, you can find a direct flight or a maximum of one connection. For example to Nairobi or Cape Town fly quite a few popular airlines. So you can choose a schedule that is most comfortable for your baby.
  3. Safari is not safe for a child.
    In most parks, there are no age restrictions for children. You can take even an infant. This suggests that there is no danger even for the youngest tourist. Of course, compliance with safety rules is the personal responsibility of parents.
  4. The child will be bored.
    Individual safari is good in that you can plan your day based on the habits of the child. Plan short game-drives and at a convenient time of day. For our part, we try to choose a lodge where there will be activities that can excite the kid. It is also necessary to have a pool.

But in our practice safari for kids is not boring. When a child sees a spotted giraffe, a striped zebra or the famous Simba, he gets completely involved in the process, and then you can’t take him away 🙂

Planning a trip to Africa with your child? We are very attentive to individual requests with kids. We always choose the best itinerary and accommodation so that every member of the family can enjoy unforgettable moments in the savannah.

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