VIP service on safari

Perhaps you are going to travel a long way to see Africa. Believe us, every mile covered will be worth the experience of a safari.

Safari in Africa is a journey in which you must forget about any problems, turn on all your imagination and immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of African adventure.

While your attention should be focused on the scenery of the endless savannahs, wildlife watching, and local life, we strive to do our best to make sure that no small concerns distract you from your vacation.

We are well aware of how a mishap like an uncomfortable car or a bad meal can spoil the whole experience.

Our goal is for you to have only good memories of Africa, so we have developed a special service “Butler Service” for our VIP guests. Thanks to this service you can be sure that nothing will distract you from the main purpose of the trip and you will be able to relax 100%.

For the Butler Service on safari we provide an additional jeep which will follow you along the whole route. Your faithful friend Butler will be in the car, he will always be in touch with you by phone and will be able to fulfill all your requests. Hungry? Would you like a cold soda or something stronger? Just let your Butler know.

He’ll organize the most incredible outdoor picnics for you, set your table and serve your food.

In addition, his vehicle will carry all your suitcases and necessary safari supplies. That way, there will be nothing in your jeep that can interfere with a comfortable game drive.

Our VIP service begins from the minute you take your first step on African landl. An Iconic Expeditions representative will greet you with champagne and fruits to celebrate the start of your exciting journey. You will only travel around the country in a new Jeep or other premium air-conditioned vehicles. Therefore, any even a long trip will be a pleasure for you.

We choose our lodges carefully, so be assured that you will have the most beautiful views from your room. You will get aesthetic pleasure not only from the surrounding nature, but also from the luxury lodge we have booked for you.

We never use lunch boxes during your safari. Your lunch will always be fresh, hot and varied. With love prepared the day you go on your game drive.

The staff at Iconic Expeditions value your comfort and will do their best to make you feel special and unique every moment on a luxury safari in Africa. We are happy to book for you a private helicopter flight, a private hot air balloon flight over the savannah and so on.

If necessary, a private jet will take you from the airport to the heart of any park to save your time.

Iconic Expedition’s range of VIP services:

  1. Private charter flights
  2. Private helicopter transfers
  3. Private Scenic flights (jets or helicopters)
  4. Private ballooning
  5. Yacht charters
  6. Best accommodation selection
  7. Prime vehicles
  8. Greeting with champagne
  9. Buttler services
  10. Concierge assistance 24/7

Trust your trip to Africa only to the best! We will help you organize your luxury safari haute couture.

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