Visit Kenya: A Fascinating Trip to Africa’s Safari Capital


Kenya is perhaps one of the most interesting African countries for the traveler. It is known for its rich wildlife and diverse landscapes. Here you will see flocks of pink flamingos settled on lakes Nakuru and Naivasha, the red earths of Tsavo National Park, snow-capped Mount Kenya, the golden expanse of Masai Mara.

Kenya is one of the most attractive African countries. It is known for its rich wildlife and diverse landscapes. Here you will see flocks of pink flamingos on lakes Nakuru and Naivasha. The red earth of Tsavo National Park and snow-capped Mount Kenya. The golden expanse of Masai Mara and tropical forest of green palms along the Indian Ocean coast. No matter how often you visit Kenya, such natural diversity never gets boring.

National Parks to Visit in Kenya

Kenya’s national parks are home to all members of the Big Five. There is the largest population of black rhinos, rare and endangered animals such as Grevy’s zebra and Rothschild’s giraffe. You can see an exclusive wildlife event in Kenya – the Great Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara.

Go to Amboseli for the best views of Kilimanjaro. Witness the enchanting spectacle of a family of elephants going for a waterhole against the backdrop of the majestic mountain.

Visit Ol Pejeta, home to the largest population of Rhinos. Stop in Samburu to experience the tribes and unique animals that live amid the park’s rugged beauty.

Or take a jeep safari through the red lands of Tsavo, walk through frozen lava flows and meet the local inhabitants, including the famous red elephants.

Tribes of Kenya

Africa is the cradle of humanity. Many of the oldest human remains have been found in Kenya. As you travel through the country, you can get to know some tribes. There are about 43 of them in Kenya. You will notice how they are all different from each other. There is only one trait in all of them – incredible beauty, as if carved by the hands of God.

You will see a proud Masai warrior in a typical guard pose, guarding his tribe against danger. A woman in a long colored skirt, carrying water or branches for the fire on her sturdy shoulders. Watching Africans, you understand they are all different. But they have one thing in common, both rich and poor – the desire to be beautiful. After watching the episodes of African life, your idea of beauty will change.

Kenya Beaches

Some of Kenya’s beaches are so white, and the ocean is so clear that sometimes it can seem like you’re somewhere in the Maldives. You can go to the quiet beaches of Watamu, where you’ll relax on the white sand and enjoy the underwater world of the sea park of the same name. You may want to go to the more active coast of Diani, where the ocean is azure, and the sand is white and soft, like flour.

Frequently Asked Questions about Visit Kenya

A little more useful information about traveling to Kenya.

Is Kenya interesting to tourists?

Although Kenya tries to preserve its identity, it is a developed country. It has everything for a comfortable holiday. The most discerning tourist will be satisfied with the hotel’s level of service, cuisine, and room. And the view from the room will be above all expectations, whether it is the savannah or the ocean.

When is the best season to visit Kenya?

Since Kenya is on the equator, there are no big temperature differences, so you can vacation anytime. It may rain in April and May.

Is Yellow Fever Vaccination Required to Visit Kenya

Vaccination is only necessary if you are coming to Kenya from a country where yellow fever is prevalent.

Explore Kenya

The unforgettable experience of traveling to Kenya comprises little things:

– A journey into the savannah with the first rays of the morning sun;

– Watching an innocent zebra fall prey to a hungry lion;

– A journey into the savannah with the first rays of the morning sun;

– Witnessing an incredible sunset in the savannah and feeling the joy of what we see and the sadness of the fleeting moment;

– The dazzling white sands of the Kenyan coast;

– A fresh lobster and the most delicious Dawa cocktail at a beach bar by the Indian Ocean.

And one more thing. There is something about Kenya that is exclusive and unexplainable. Something that you feel when you take your first breath when you set foot on Kenyan land. This “something” is so much in your mind and makes you think of this country again and again. Finally, it becomes the reason for your return to Kenya.

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