Weddings in Africa

If you are looking for an unusual way to hold your wedding ceremony, look toward a wedding in Africa. First, there is almost no limit to the variety of ideas, and your wedding is sure not to be ordinary. Second, a wedding in Africa is a great way to combine a marriage celebration and honeymoon into one exciting trip.

The ceremony format and the country where you decide to declare yourself husband and wife depend only on your wishes and budget. For example, you can go to Zanzibar and have a lavish wedding on the ocean. And then arrange a holiday for the two of you and go to the mainland. Here, in the national parks of Tanzania, you will travel through the savannah during the day and spend your evenings on the terrace of a cozy lodge.

If you would like something more authentic, you can have your wedding ceremony in the savannah. The Maasai will be a spectacular part of the ceremony. They will serve the rings, dance the wedding dance, and entertain you during the wedding dinner.

You can also decide to have your wedding ceremony in the Namib Desert in as private a setting as possible. If you wish to be in the big city—go to Cape Town to make vows of eternal love on the very edge of the earth and spend your honeymoon in Cape Town and its surroundings.

The options for weddings in Africa are endless. Whichever location you choose, you’ll find yourself surrounded by beauty and in a relaxed atmosphere of celebration, where you can forget everything and enjoy each other’s company.


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