Namibia Travel Guide: Top Sights Worth Visiting

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Every African country is certainly incredibly authentic. But if you are looking for something special, unlike anything else, you need to go to Namibia. Here you will not only meet interesting people and see new beautiful places. You will feel the immense power of nature, being on the shore of the raging Atlantic Ocean on one side and the endless desert on the other. In Namibia, you will see starry skies of a beauty you may not have seen before. You will also enjoy waking up every morning before sunrise because the sunrises in Namibia are a work of art. Want more details? Then read our Namibia Travel Guide.

Must See in Namibia

There are so many attractions on the territory of a large country that when planning a trip, it can take time to decide what to see first. Unless, of course, you plan to spend months in Namibia 🙂 However, you can see a lot of sights during a not-too-long trip. We have prepared this Namibia travel guide with a list of Namibia’s top locations, after visiting which you won’t be left with a sense of understatement.

Etosha National Park

Going to African countries, you are likely to imagine rushing through the savannah in a safari jeep, with lions, zebras, and giraffes walking around. Of course, you will experience the most authentic African safari in Namibia. This park is famous for its rare animals, such as rhinos. Going to Etosha you will have two options. What will give you more excitement: an informative game drive with an experienced tour guide, or the feeling of freedom on your off-road trip?


While in Namibia, you have to see the vibrant colors of the Sossusvlei region. You can never tell what color the sand here is. It can be pinkish at dawn, bright orange at noon, and red as the day draws to a close. We wonder what shades you will see? Also, the wind is constantly moving the sand, so the landscape here can never be the same. Only “Big Daddy,” the highest dune in the Namib Desert, is invariably in place. With its height of over 300 meters, it challenges tourists to climb it. It’s difficult to do, especially in windy conditions. But we highly recommend doing it. You’ll realize it was worth the effort when you get to the top.


To describe the beauty of this place, it is difficult to find words. Rather, it is frighteningly beautiful. Old trees tell us that life once existed here. They have dried up due to the harsh climate and have stood still for centuries. The atmosphere of Deadvlei is footage from a post-apocalypse movie, it’s the plot of a surreal painting. Come and let your imagination run wild.


What happened in this town resulted from the violent impact of the Namib Desert. It was once the richest city in the country, which was formed when diamonds were discovered in this place. Today, you can hear silence here. And in the middle of the twentieth century, you could hear the laughter of children on their way to school in Kolmanskop; the chatter of firemen on their way to work at the firehouse; and the conversations of people who were making plans for the future.


How did you imagine the desert when you were a small child? You most likely imagined walking through endless sands and suddenly seeing an oasis. This picture from your childhood finds reality in the city of Solitaire. It is another abandoned place, as evidenced by the graveyard of rusty cars and empty buildings. But then you find yourself in a humble bakery serving the most delicious apple pie. It’s probably not what you’d expect to taste in the desert!

Skeleton Coast Park

A popular attraction in Namibia is known as the Skeleton Coast. This is a place where two elements are struggling: the sands of the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean. The presence of a lot of sand made this part of the coast very treacherous. As a result, some ships could not reach the coast and were forever held hostage by the desert. After the shipwreck, some people still managed to escape and swim to shore. But they did not know then that they had a hard road ahead of them through the Namib Desert, which would make their attempt to save themselves futile.

It is difficult to describe the emotions you will experience here. It’s the thrill of the unusual scenery and the goosebumps of the sinister power of this place.


Don’t be too quick to think that the Namib Desert has made much of this country unlivable. There are places where life thrives. So head to Swakopmund for a breath of fresh air. It’s a famous resort on the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll feel you’ve suddenly found yourself in another country when you come here. Indeed, the local architecture is reminiscent of Germany. In Swakopmund, we advise you not to waste your time in vain but to dive headlong into adventure. Here are active city life, pubs, and beer is pouring out. Noisy markets, souvenir shops. And then there’s active recreation: quad bikes, horseback riding, and so on.

Fish River Canyon

This canyon is traditionally compared to the Grand Canyons in the United States. Indeed, the 88 km long canyon with red rocks at the bottom looks very majestic. But under the rays of the African sun, its beauty becomes inimitable. Check it out!


Traveling through Damaraland, you will immediately recognize the distinctive outlines of Spitzkoppe. These bald granite peaks are over 120 million years old. You’ll find it interesting to wander through this bizarre landscape. If you want an out-of-the-ordinary experience, stop at a campsite nearby to experience nature and spend the night under the incredible Namibian starry sky.


What’s a trip to Africa without meeting the local tribes? Here you can visit the nomadic Himba people. These people have a lot to tell about their life because their people survived genocide, and famine and managed to adapt to the harsh living conditions. This encounter will be a breakthrough for you after you get a little insight into the life of these people.


By local standards, Windhoek is a huge bustling metropolis, also the capital of the country. It is the place where your Namibian adventures begin and where you will solemnly conclude your journey. It is worth a walk to see the unusual architecture, buy souvenirs and drink delicious beer in the local bustling pubs. As well as the local restaurants serving wild animal meat. How about a crocodile steak?

Interesting Facts About Namibia

  • Namibia has one of the lowest population densities in the world. You can drive through the country for hours and not meet a single living soul. 
  • Whichever country you come from, it will be easy to find a common language with the local people, because the official language of Namibia is English.
  • Namibia’s attractions are pretty far apart, so don’t count on a short drive. But you will enjoy driving on desert roads. Especially when you’re driving on your own. It’s a peaceful feeling that can be compared to meditation. 
  • The world’s oldest desert, Namib, occupies much of the country.

Impressive Lodges

Namibia is a rather poor country, but here you get a high level of service. There are such impressive lodges here that you could hardly imagine them even in your wildest dreams. So, where to stay in Namibia?

Serra Cafema

This impressive lodge is located in a spectacular location. On one side is the Kunene River, and on the other – are the Martian landscapes of the Namib Desert. Here you will take a break from the hustle and bustle, feel the peace of hearing the river, go hiking in the surrounding area and explore the main attractions of the desert.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge &Beyond

This is the place for you if you enjoy stargazing. The lodge is close to a dark-sky preserve, so watching the brightest constellations will be your most exciting experience. You can watch the stars through the telescope or the window just above your bed.

Onduli Ridge

How about an open-air lodge? Staying at this lodge in the Damaraland area, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the local scenery, the magical sunrises, and sunrises of Namibia, the starry skies, and watch the animals coming to the local watering hole non-stop.

FAQ About Namibia

When is the best time to visit Namibia?

Seasonality in Namibia is like other African countries. It is winter from May to November, so it will not be boiling and comfortable for long trips. But the African summer is a no less popular season. There are about 300 days of sunshine a year, so you are likely to catch good weather whenever you come to Namibia.

What is the currency in Namibia?

The national currency of Namibia is the Namibian dollar. In every city of Namibia, you can find a bank or ATM to withdraw money available. But it’s a good idea to take care of that in advance when you go to the rest of the country.

What is the best way to get around Namibia?

It is only possible to drive comfortably in Namibia in a 4×4 vehicle. But we have already mentioned that the distances between locations are long, so you need to be prepared for long journeys. But you can replace driving by flights to save time and visit more sights. We told about it in this article.

See you in Namibia!

If Namibia wasn’t on your bucket list before, hopefully, it will now appear on your list of priority countries you plan to visit. And to get from plans to action faster, we suggest you look at our tours to Namibia and then wait for your inquiry.

If you have questions about Namibia you can leave them right below this article.