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Explore Africa in a very lavish way! We invite you to travel on the most luxurious train, the Rovos. This train journey will take you back in time, about 100 years ago. Experience what it’s like to travel on a retro train like members of the royal family. It’s up to you to choose how long the journey will be. You can take the quick route and explore the Cape Town area. You might want to go all the way across South Africa. And the real adventurers take the longest journey from South Africa to Tanzania, through Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

There are all the amenities on the train except a radio or TV. The compartments are so comfortable that you will want to stay there forever. You will relax and watch the rapidly changing landscape outside the window. But we still suggest checking out the wonderful atmosphere in the lounge and observation car. 

This trip will be filled with many unforgettable moments. You’ll get off the train to see a new city or go on a safari. And then you’ll return aboard to relax in a luxurious compartment, head out for a gourmet dinner, and chat with other passengers in the lounge car while sipping a cool cocktail.


There's a whole world waiting to be discovered!

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Serengeti National Park
10 Trips
South Africa
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Victoria Falls
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