Hot-air balloon flight over the savannah is Africa’s best early morning activity. You will witness the most unusual sunrise of your life. When the balloon is lifted off the ground and several hundred meters up, you will watch as the hot red sun rises higher and throws the first pink rays on the savannah. It is an outstanding wildlife-watching experience when they are all as if in the palm of your hand. The flight lasts approximately one hour. During this time, you will fly over hills and plains, rivers and lakes, and watch wild animals greet the new day. You can see the long necks of giraffes and how a herd of zebras goes to the watering hole. A large family of elephants also goes to quench their thirst, antelope run away briskly in the distance, and lions are already sharing their prey. 

When you come down to the ground, you will feel the adrenaline and realize that you have just experienced something grand. A hot-air balloon flight is a unique experience, and you will celebrate with a glass of champagne over breakfast in the savannah.


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