Extreme Activities

Traveling to Africa can be even more exciting by adding a little extreme to them. What activity would give you an adrenaline rush? There are plenty of those in Africa. 

For example, the Victoria Falls area is known for an abundance of extreme activities. One of the most spectacular banjo sites is located here. There are more calming activities, but they still give a sense of flight and slightly tickle your nerves. These are zip lines, swings, and so on.

Rafting enthusiasts will appreciate the descent through the rapids of the raging Zambezi River. There’s another thing in store for adventurers in Victoria Falls. Would you dare swim in the Devil’s Pool at the very edge of the waterfall?

One of the “must-do” activities in Cape Town is climbing Table Mountain. But the experience will be completely different if you do it on foot instead of by cable car. 

You can also meet face-to-face with the most dangerous predator in the ocean – the White Shark. Of course, you will be in a cage underwater under the supervision of experienced people, but this meeting will make your heart beat faster. 

And, of course, one of the most popular African activities is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You will feel nothing less than an adrenaline rush when you find yourself at the highest point of the African continent. 


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