10 Safari Mistakes: Avoid Them For a Perfect Game Drive


An African safari will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable trips of your life. Our task as a tour operator is to do everything to ensure that this trip meets your expectations. But you should remember that the success of a future safari depends to some extent on the tourist. We’ll help you prepare for your dream trip and tell you about 10 safari mistakes to avoid so that your safari goes perfectly.

Choose the wrong lodge and park

Before you turn to a professional, you might want to go online and get as much information as you can on your own. You may like a particular lodge and park and want to book that option. But you can miss a lot of details. Be sure to consult with an expert and listen to his opinion to avoid unpleasant situations in the future. For example, your lodge may be far from the wildebeest migration area, too far from the airport, etc. We can adjust your request and offer the best options to suit your needs.

Packing your suitcase incorrectly

Of course, going on safari is a big deal, and you want to shine. In an effort to look irresistible, you may wear too many inappropriate clothes. Above all, avoid wearing clothes that are too brightly colored, as this can irritate the animals. In addition, if you use domestic airlines, ask a specialist about baggage allowance. Finally, when choosing clothes, consider the seasonality. You may need a T-shirt or shirt, as well as a warm jacket or raincoat.

Don’t ignore the activities that are offered to you

We provide unlimited safari, so you can start a game drive at a time convenient for you. However, you will be advised by your guide on the best game drive period to see as many animals as possible. For example, we suggest you wake up early and head out to the savannah at dawn to increase your chances of seeing lions and leopards going out for the morning hunt.

Also, if there is an option for a walking safari, a boat safari, or a ballooning, be sure to do it! Use every free minute to explore the savannah, get to know the local tribes, etc. The more effort you put in, the better the result will be!

Hurry during your safari

As soon as you see an animal, do not rush to command the guide to move on. We always advise you to stay at least a few minutes, because there may be fascinating events ahead. Seeing one animal is half the battle. It’s much more interesting to see their interactions. If you see several zebras, wait. There may be predators nearby, and in a few minutes, exciting things will happen.

Using the camera incorrectly

Of course, you will want to take a lot of bright photos, but to avoid this process becoming a problem for you, we advise you to take care of this in advance. First, ensure your camera is suitable for photography in different conditions: twilight, long distance, etc. (The use of flash is strictly prohibited!) Set up your camera before you head out into the savannah. Otherwise, when the animal appears in front of you, you may spend too much time turning on and setting up the camera. As a result, you will miss a valuable moment. Also, check in advance whether your device has enough memory. Agree, if you have to clear space on the device right during the game drive, it’s not very convenient. And of course, don’t forget to put the camera aside sometimes and just enjoy the moment.

Taking photographs of residents without their permission

To get bright shots, do not forget about the comfort of local people. If you photograph them without permission, you may encounter an unpredictable reaction. Always ask people if they would like you to take their photo. Also, find out in advance about the rules for taking photos and videos in public places in advance so as not to incur a fine.

Don’t call animals

Animals are in their natural environment, and they can walk far from you, hide, turn away, and so on. Trying to attract attention for the sake of a beautiful shot is not a good idea. Remember, you are visiting animals and your task is to be a quiet observer without interfering with natural processes.

Don’t smoke during safari

First, during a safari, you will not have a suitable place to throw away your cigarette butt, and littering is strictly prohibited in national parks. Second, do not forget that animals have a delicate sense of smell and the smell of cigarettes will not be pleasant to them. The same, however, applies to perfumes. Save using your favorite eau de toilette until a more appropriate time.

Do not attempt to feed or touch animals

You will probably have some snacks with you, but you should not share them with animals. There is enough food for them in the savannah and humans must not interfere with the food chain. As for touching animals, this may sound absurd. But this rule would not exist if someone did not break it. When an animal comes close, you may automatically want to touch it. But remember that no matter how cute the animal may seem, its reaction may be completely unpredictable. In this way, you will endanger not only your own life but also the lives of other people in the jeep.

Do not leave the jeep in areas not intended for this purpose.

During a long trip, you may naturally feel the urge to exercise. But if your guide won’t allow it, heed it. The fact is that if it seems to you that there are no animals around anyway, this does not mean that there are animals. Also, remember that you are not only putting your life at risk. Your actions may have serious consequences for the guide who accompanies you.

Following these simple rules will greatly improve the quality of your safari. And ignoring it can lead to a variety of consequences. Let your safari in Tanzania, Kenya, or anywhere else become one of the best travel experiences for you and safe!

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