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Qualities a Good Guide Should Have and Why His Presence is Essential for You

What is the key to a successful safari? The proper country and season? Definitely! Comfortable lodge? Certainly! People you plan to share the trip with? Undoubtedly! All these points are essential. But all your efforts to plan the perfect safari can come to naught if you choose the wrong guide. That is more than just […]

The Sands of Namibia: Fun Facts About the Most Mysterious Desert on Earth

The Sands of Namibia

If you have never been to Namibia and so far can hardly imagine your journey through the endless desert, this article is for you. We will reveal the remarkable features of one of the most breathtaking deserts in the world! Yes, the sands of Namibia keep many secrets. Are you ready to solve them? Oldest […]

Family Safari in Tanzania: Best Ideas for Unforgettable Vacation

Family safari in Tanzania

When you go on a safari with your family, it is essential to think through everything down to the smallest detail. Especially if you are planning a trip with a kid, for whom this tour should be exciting and not tiring. Well, we will share with you our ideas for a family safari in Tanzania. […]

Salt Lick Safari Lodge: Most Unusual Safari Experience in Kenya 

Salt Lick Safari Lodge

If you’re planning to travel to Mombasa and are looking for unusual places nearby that you should visit—we will give you an idea. You can leave your beach hotel in the morning and find yourself in a very unusual place among the wild nature of Africa by lunchtime. This place is not very popular with […]

Big Five in Africa: Wonderful Savannah Animals

Big Five in Africa

Do you know which animals make up the famous “Big Five” in the African safari world? Many safari fans are familiar with these magnificent creatures, and the opportunity to see at least one of them in action is often the highlight of their safari. Some collect all five for the first time, while others return […]

Kuoom Serengeti: a New Unique Lodge in Tanzania

Kuoom Serengeti

Are you planning a safari but looking for a unique lodge, unlike the others? Do you want to get to a place where you can get away and enjoy the silence after an active game drive? Well, we have something to surprise you. That is a lodge that just started but has already won our […]

Rwanda: The Way from Genocide to a Prosperous Nation


In the heart of East Africa lies a country that has undergone an extraordinary transformation, moving from the depths of tragedy to a beacon of hope and progress. Rwanda, once marred by the horrors of genocide, has become a symbol of resilience and determination. Today, the country belongs to the luxury destination segment and offers […]

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Kenya Hidden Gems

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

What does traveling to Kenya mean to you? Of course, this is a fantastic opportunity to visit a new country and see its most iconic sights. It is also a chance to see unique places that are not found anywhere else in the world, feel an unforgettable safari experience, relax on the beautiful coast of […]

Destination Madagascar: Meet Our New Product!

Destination Madagascar

Madagascar is the largest island in the Indian Ocean, which is both an under-explored destination and the dream of many travelers. As for us, this island off the coast of Africa immediately won our hearts! In this article, we will tell you why this Madagascar destination should be on your bucket list! Destination Madagascar: Features […]

Safari in Ngorongoro: The World’s Most Remarkable Reserve

Safari in Ngorongoro

Once you hear the word safari, you immediately think of golden savannahs and animals walking under the branches of dry acacia trees. But what if instead of endless flat savannah, there is a volcano crater, and instead of golden grass, there are green meadows, marshes, and lakes? Also, this place can be seen from the […]

Tanzania vs. Kenya: Which Country to Choose for Your First Safari

Tanzania vs. Kenya

Are you putting off your first trip to Africa for a long time because you can’t decide on a country? You got a lot of different information, but there is no winner in Tanzania vs. Kenya competition. Let us help you put everything on the pop shelves. First, we would like to say that the […]

Travel to Zimbabwe: Africa’s Natural Wonder

Travel to Zimbabwe

If you are considering where to travel, then catch a fabulous idea—a trip to Zimbabwe! Yes, Zimbabwe is a beautiful destination with much to offer visitors. From stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage to adventure activities and wildlife watching, Zimbabwe has something for everyone. Zimbabwe offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience. In addition, […]

Why is a Green Season Safari a Good Idea?

A trip to an authentic African safari is your dream, but for some reason, it remains a dream? For example, the time of your annual vacation may coincide with the beginning of the green season in Africa. Or you constantly monitor the prices of safaris and realize that they are higher than you expected. You […]

Africa Amini Life: Tanzania’s Most Authentic Lodge

Africa Amini Life

What emotions do you have when you see Maasai people? Perhaps it is a surprise, wonder, admiration. Or maybe you find it hard to believe that there are still people who live in huts and lead a primitive way of life. In any case, when you see people whose way of life is strikingly different […]

Honeymoon in Africa: Ideas for Your Romantic Escape

Honeymoon in Africa

When choosing a place for a wedding trip, you are looking for something special, very romantic, and secluded. As a rule, honeymooners are looking for a place where they can enjoy nature, silence, and each other’s company. A honeymoon in Africa will give you all the emotions you expect from a romantic trip. Why a […]

Botswana in One Week: Must-See Sights

Welcome to the country that has gathered all the best qualities of Africa’s top tourist destinations. Here, substantial water ecosystems are in harmony with the arid desert. The harsh lands have become home to hundreds of thousands of large African animals. Here you can feel the spirit of Africa and the hospitality of European service. […]

Safari Accommodation: Lodge or Tented Lodge?

Safari Accommodation

When planning your safari, you may find that safari accommodation can be of two types: a lodge and a tented lodge. What is the difference between them, and which is better to choose? What is Regular Lodge A lodge is the same hotel with a reception, restaurant, lounge area, and classic rooms. The only thing […]

Serengeti Hot-Air Balloon: Most Unusual Safari Experience

If you know the Serengeti, you should know that there are balloon safaris. You may have seen one of the signature photos of the Serengeti – a hot-air balloon flying over the savannah. But, not everyone takes this activity seriously, believing that the best way to see the savannah’s beauty is a game drive. I […]

Namibia Travel Guide: Top Sights Worth Visiting

Namibia Travel Guide

Every African country is certainly incredibly authentic. But if you are looking for something special, unlike anything else, you need to go to Namibia. Here you will not only meet interesting people and see new beautiful places. You will feel the immense power of nature, being on the shore of the raging Atlantic Ocean on […]

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