Why You Need the Help of a Safari Expert


What do you need to organize a safari in Africa? You may be an experienced traveler and are used to organizing your trip with the help of several online resources. You carefully study the reviews, book your tickets and accommodations, and embark on your adventures. But is this enough to organize a high-quality safari? From our experience, we’ll say no. It’s not enough. Today, we are going to talk about why you need the help of a safari expert.

Choosing the right country 

There are quite a few countries in Africa that offer high-end safaris. But how to choose the proper country and build the correct logistics so as not to waste time on unnecessary trips and have time to see all the desired places? Organizing a safari has quite a few pitfalls, and only a safari expert will help you build a route that will meet your expectations.

Choosing accommodation

There can be dozens of lodges in one national park, and what are the criteria for selecting the right one? Even the highest accommodation rating is not a guarantee that you will get what you are looking for. Each lodge has its nuances, such as facilities on the territory, features of accommodation, and so on. Reviews of lodges on various resources are certainly essential, but only a safari expert will help to set the right accents and ultimately book a lodge that won’t disappoint you.

Saving time 

Researching information about the country, its itineraries, and other nuances is not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive. You may want to ask for help from friends who already have experience of vacationing in Africa. But you should realize that every safari in Africa is unique, and your friends’ experiences may not be what you are looking for. You may end up stating that, although you have put a lot of effort into your search, you still haven’t moved on. You end up feeling tired and frustrated, and you put your dream on hold again until better times. A safari expert will help you not drown in a huge amount of information and make the right choice much faster.

Saving money

It is commonly believed that the services of a safari expert are too expensive, and you will save a tidy sum if you book all the services yourself. But in practice, the tourist did not take into account all the details and made some mistakes, which, of course, they can fix. But they will cost them additional expenses. Safari experts will help you to predict your budget and take into account all the nuances so that you are sure that you will not have to pay more. In addition, the expert will help you find favorable packages that will really help you save more money than booking services separately.

Let yourself relax

You can hardly relax if you constantly have to keep all the details in your head, keep track of time, and worry that something might not go according to plan. Will such a vacation please you? Doubtful. Do you want to travel a long way, fly to another continent, and continue to waste your energy on unnecessary stress? Probably not. The vacation experience can be completely different if you are met by an experienced guide who will fully control the process, and your task will be to relax and enjoy.

Unforeseen circumstances

Imagine you are too far away from home and something on your trip doesn’t go according to plan. Where will you turn to in such a case? You will have to spend a lot of effort and time making calls and so on. As a result, you will solve the issue, but the day will probably be spoiled. And in general, such a trip is unlikely to be remembered as successful. When you have an experienced safari expert with you, the probability of problems is minimized, and in case of any mishaps, all problems are solved so quickly that you may not even notice anything.


An experienced travel expert knows the terrain very well, so you need his help even if you are going on a self-drive. Only he will be able to choose the safest and most optimal routes and give his valuable recommendations. This applies to timing, fascinating locations along the way, and other nuances. Planning a route with the help of an expert will guarantee that you will not get into unpleasant situations if you follow all the recommendations.

Attention to detail

Where to meet a beautiful sunset, how to have a delicious and complete lunch in the savannah, and what useful activities to diversify your trip. These and other small details may seem unimportant, but these are the little things that make up a quality and complete vacation. For experts, it is essential not just to get you as their guest, but to meet all your expectations and even exceed them. With an experienced safari expert, you will have no unanswered questions, such as when to go on safari, what to wear, how to behave in the park, and hundreds of other significant questions.

Book your safari with a travel expert

This is the approach that the experts at Iconic Expeditions take. For over 10 years in the safari field, we have thoroughly studied all the routes and features of many parks, lodges, and so on. We know the small details that make the impact of a safari experience, that is why you need a help of a safari expert. With us, you will always feel supported and cared for. You will be able to relax and enjoy your safari!

Thinking about a safari in Africa? Then choose the destination that resonates with you most and explore the best itineraries. Do you have any questions? We are always in touch!

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