Irina Litvin

Meals on safari

How do you arrange meals on safari? This is one of the most common questions of tourists. The meal plan is Full board or All

Why you should visit Kenya

Kenya is perhaps one of the most interesting African countries for the traveler. It is known for its rich wildlife and diverse landscapes. Here you will see flocks of pink flamingos settled on lakes Nakuru and Naivasha, the red earths of Tsavo National Park, snow-capped Mount Kenya, the golden expanse of Masai Mara.

Items to bring on a safari

The question “what to bring on a safari?” is one of the most popular among tourists. Do you know the feeling when you are going

VIP service on safari

Perhaps you are going to travel a long way to see Africa. Believe us, every mile covered will be worth the experience of a safari.

Safari in Africa is a journey in which you must forget about any problems, turn on all your imagination and immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of African adventure.

Traveling to Africa with kids

There is a stereotype that traveling to Africa can be difficult and unsafe for a child. Are there really reasons that make traveling to Africa with a child impossible?