Serengeti Hot-Air Balloon: Most Unusual Safari Experience


If you know the Serengeti, you should know that there are balloon safaris. You may have seen one of the signature photos of the Serengeti – a hot-air balloon flying over the savannah. But, not everyone takes this activity seriously, believing that the best way to see the savannah’s beauty is a game drive. I would like to say that a hot air balloon over the Serengeti is not a trivial tourist attraction. It is an activity that you shouldn’t ignore, since you have come all this way and ended up in Tanzania. Let me explain why Serengeti hot-air balloon deserves your attention.

How Serengeti Hot-Air Balloon Happens

Hot-air balloon safaris in the Serengeti start quite early, around 6 am. This time was not chosen by chance, because early in the morning there are perfect conditions for an outstanding flight: 

  • There is no strong wind.
  • It is not yet hot, so the animals are quite active.
  • A chance to see the sunrise over the savannah in all its glory.

So, you arrive at the hot air balloon’s takeoff site, dive into a basket designed for 16 people, and the balloon gradually begins to take off. The main intrigue of this event is that the route you will fly remains unknown. In what direction the balloon will fly and how many kilometers it can fly depends on the wind. An experienced pilot will only be able to regulate the height of the balloon rising. He will lift the balloon hundreds of meters into the sky, so you can see better how beautiful the endless Serengeti plains are in the rays of the morning sun. Then, falling so low above the ground that you seem to be about to touch a herd of antelope that passes by at this time.

The goal of the Serengeti hot air balloon is to see not only nature but also as many wild animals as possible. After all, it is from this angle that you can see the best moments of wildlife interaction. If you see zebras or a herd of antelope, lions, or leopards are probably nearby, waiting for a good moment. When you fly in a hot air balloon over the savannah, you don’t just see separate animals. It’s as if you’re watching a whole storyline of Serengeti’s life that makes you both happy and anxious.

Another advantage of the balloon is that it is silent. You can get close enough to small animals, and not frighten them by any sound. In addition, it is an opportunity to leave spacious roads and see the corners of the park that are hidden from you during a classic safari.

Serengeti National Park has some of the best conditions for hot air ballooning. There are always many African animals on the plains of the park, and there is a year-round wildebeest migration. So it is almost impossible to land after a flight and be disappointed because you couldn’t see anything.

The flight lasts about one hour. After you land, you’ll have the feeling that you’ve just done something incredible. And to celebrate the big moment, you’ll have breakfast with champagne right under the acacia trees of the Serengeti National Park.

Safety comes first!

Sometimes guests are afraid to fly a hot-air balloon in the savannah for safety reasons. Especially impressionable people imagine how the pilot loses control, and the basket flies straight into a river with crocodiles. Of course, this does not happen! While you fly the balloon and enjoy the surrounding scenery, quite a few people keep working to make sure that the flight is safe. 

First, a person without training cannot operate a balloon. Pilots go through long training, then long practice, and hone their balloon control skills to the smallest detail. Only then do they receive a certificate and can fly the balloon.

Second, civil aviation controls the flight of balloons. This means that the pilots’ qualifications and the condition of the balloons are always closely monitored. 

Thirdly, while you are flying you are followed at some distance by several cars, which will pick you up from any location where you land.

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon FAQ

How to prepare for a hot-air balloon safari?

A hot air balloon safari does not require any special preparation. Of things, you should take only a camera and binoculars. Also, do not forget that the savannah is cool in the morning, so you need a warm jacket.

When is the best season for a ballooning?

Hot-air balloon safaris take place throughout the year, but in different areas of the park, such as in Seronera, there are daily flights throughout the year. The ballooning season in Ndutu is from late December to mid-March, as this is when the migration begins. In the western Serengeti, balloons are available from June through October. In the Northern Serengeti, the ballooning season lasts from July to October, which coincides with the period when the antelopes cross the Mara River. 

Thrilling Adventures Await!

If you’re going on a Serengeti safari, make the most of the experience! A classic game drive combined with a hot air balloon safari will reveal all the facets of this park to you. We suggest you inspire for your future trip and check out the program, with balloon flight as the main activity. Contact us to learn the cost, conditions and other details. Let’s keep in touch!

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