Africa Amini Life: Tanzania’s Most Authentic Lodge


What emotions do you have when you see Maasai people? Perhaps it is a surprise, wonder, admiration. Or maybe you find it hard to believe that there are still people who live in huts and lead a primitive way of life. In any case, when you see people whose way of life is strikingly different from yours, you involuntarily think, what if I were in their place? How would I feel if I lived in the Maasai tribe? Fortunately, there is a place in Tanzania that will answer your questions. Welcome to Africa Amini Life!

Africa Amini Life: Why It’s Worth Coming

It used to be uninhabitable land. But with the emergence of Africa Amini Life Maassai Lodge, this place has found unique energy and is definitely one of the most beautiful areas of Tanzania. 

The lodge is close to Arusha, so accommodation here can be a great start to your African journey. Here you can rest after your flight, relax in the spa and swim in the pool. But we’re sure your attention will be drawn to Mount Kilimanjaro, as this lodge has beautiful views of it. You should wake up before sunrise to see the magic of morning: how the sun will gradually appear from behind Mount Kilimanjaro and let it play different shades of pink. 

Perhaps, you would like to save your visit to the African lodge for the end of your journey. Relax after an active safari, have a heart-to-heart talk with the Maasai sitting by the fire, learn everything you want to know about Africa and these extraordinary people.

Accommodation in Africa Amini Life

The first thing that distinguishes this lodge from many others is that the rooms are in the style of the Maasai manyatta. You will live in one of the 16 huts, which are at a significant distance from each other. That is, to ensure that no one disturbs you, relax and enjoy the views of Kilimanjaro and the African savannah. 

The interior of the room will remind you in every detail that you are staying overnight in an unusual place. However, you will have a comfortable bed, a shower with hot water, and other amenities.


Ready to become a Maasai for a day? Then you must learn how to throw a spear and dance a traditional Maasai dance. These activities are already included because every lodge guest must become a full member of the tribe. And it’s impossible to do it without basic skills. The Maasai will also show you around the area so you can see Kilimanjaro from the best angles. During this walk, you will hear many fascinating stories about Maasai life, such as how their life is arranged, what savannah plants they use as medicine, what rituals they perform, and so on.

If you want to be even more immersed in Maasai life, you can take additional workshops from tribal members. For example, local women can teach you how to make traditional beaded jewelry. 

And the most inquisitive guests can spend the day with the Maasai and do their daily routine. Wake up early in the morning to milk cows and goats, then gather medicinal herbs, look for wood for the fire, clean up the hut, roast the goat on the fire, and so on. The greatest value of such a pastime will be that you will not only perform physical labor but will learn a lot of new information. During this day, you will discover all the wisdom of the Maasai, which allows you not only to get to know these people better but also yourself. If you enjoy the day, the Maasai will offer to spend the night in their manyatta.

Vacation with children

You are very mistaken if you think such a vacation is not suiting for children. On the contrary, communication with the Maasai will help the child learn more about the world and the culture of other people. Also, the lodge provides activities for young children. For example, riding a donkey or walking around the area. The staff pays special attention to children, making sure they always have something interesting to do.

Make your African Vacation Special

Accommodation in Africa Amini Life will be an original addition to your itinerary, such as in our Kilimanjaro and Masai Tribe tour. Ready to plunge into the atmosphere of tribal life? Then contact us to plan and book your trip.

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