Explore Zanzibar’s Hidden Gems 


Planning to go on safari in Tanzania and then relax on the white beaches of Zanzibar? Or is visiting the island the main purpose of your trip? In any case, we advise you to go beyond just relaxing on the beach at your hotel. Be sure to dive into an adventure, because Zanzibar is perfect for it! Today, we will tell you the best way to explore Zanzibar’s hidden gems.

Boat Trip is the Best to See the Zanzibar’s Hidden Gems

As you may know, Zanzibar is not just one island, but 75. Although the largest island with the same name is the most developed and popular, the other islands are no less interesting and deserve your attention.

If everything new and unexplored attracts you and you enjoy observing the underwater world, then these tours are for you!

A tailor-made speed boat cruise 

Perhaps you already have a few islands in mind that you would like to visit? Then tell us what you expect from your trip and go on your exclusive tour of the islands of the archipelago. But we want to give you some ideas in case you don’t know which island to look at.

For example, you can visit the island of Tumbatu. Shrouded in mystery and legend, the island of Tumbatu is a true secret of the archipelago. This island can go months without seeing a single visitor, so it is the perfect escape to a quiet, serene life. Besides the pristine beaches, there is a beautiful coral reef to explore.

Prison Island is much busier than Tumbatu, as it is the most popular among tourists. However, a stopover on Prison Island will add a lot of variety and excitement to your trip. Be sure to walk around the incredibly beautiful island with a rich history and feed the large Seychelles turtles.

Mnemba Island is known as a popular location for divers. Come here and see that this is a true underwater kingdom with spectacular corals and lots of colorful tropical fish.

Also, among the island archipelago, there are small islands that you can visit for only a couple of hours a day. And then the tide will come in, and the ocean will completely swallow up the island. However, it is just a sandbank, which appears right in the middle of the ocean at low tide. Staying here is an unforgettable experience! As if you are somewhere on the edge of the earth, surrounded by only the ocean. By the way, this location is called Nakupenda, which means “I love you” in Swahili. However, this is exactly the feeling you will have while on this paradise piece of land.

Sunset cruise

Sunset in Zanzibar is perhaps the most romantic time of day, especially when you’re sitting on a terrace in the island’s west and watching the sun slowly disappear over the horizon. But the sunset will look even more spectacular if you watch it directly from the ocean. Embark on an exciting voyage to witness an incredibly beautiful sunset! And when the last rays are out of sight, you’ll be in for another surprise. The semi-submarine you’ll be on will turn on the lights, so you can watch what’s happening on the ocean floor at night.

Cruise to Bawe Island 

Embark on an exciting journey on a semi-submarine to see the incredible underwater world off the coast of yet another tiny island. Bawe Island is considered one of the best diving spots in the archipelago. However, this beauty is available to you even if you don’t plan to scuba dive. Through the portholes of a semi-submarine, you can get a good look at the underwater life and take lots of colorful photos.

Bawe Reefs and Nakupenda 

This tour allows you to combine two great pleasures into one. First, you’ll head to Bawe Island to view the magnificent coral reefs and watch colorful tropical fish. Then you will stop at a sandy island to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean and laze on the white sand. Take your time and enjoy the moment!

Research Zanzibar’s Hidden Gems With Us 

Zanzibar’s hidden gems are not just attractions; they are gateways to unforgettable adventures and meaningful cultural encounters. They beckon those seeking a deeper connection with this extraordinary island and its captivating stories, making your journey to Zanzibar all the more enriching and unforgettable.

To ensure a flawless and exhaustive trip, send us an inquiry. We will expertly organize your entire trip from start to finish so that you don’t miss any important details!

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