Travel to South Africa: The Wonderful World of Rainbow Nation


South Africa is one of the most mysterious countries on the Black continent. Some people are attracted by it like a magnet, while others do not dare to go to the world’s edge. If I described this country’s sights, I could get carried away and write a whole book. But beauty is in the beholder’s eye, so everyone will see the charm of SAR differently. Today I’m going to go over the top to set a vector for your future travel to South Africa.

South Africa’s main attractions

Whatever type of vacation you prefer, sunbathing on the beach, guiding through bustling cities, watching animals on safari, or doing something crazy-extreme, you will find it all in South Africa. 

Natural attractions in Africa

Of course, there are many more such places in South Africa. Here are our top 3 places where you want to forget everything and enjoy the moment.

Blade River Canyon

This canyon was once known for gold mining. Today the gold reserves have dried up, but the incredible beauty of the canyon remains. The scenery consists of green hills, waterfalls, and sparkling rivers. Crocodiles and hippos inhabit the area. The best panorama of the canyon can be seen from the observation deck “God’s Window”. And extreme lovers can go rafting on the river. 

The Cape of Good Hope

It is a symbol of South Africa with an incredible history. The place became famous thanks to the sailors who gave it its name. The Cape of Good Hope was supposed to calm the depths of the sea and make it possible to open the way to India. 

Garden Route

The route begins on the outskirts of Cape Town and ends in the city of Port Elizabeth. It is 750 km of incredible beauty. The road passes through dense rainforests, rocky bluffs, beautiful panoramas overlooking the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, and secluded coves. The journey through remote places will alternate with visits to small towns and fashionable resorts. I can sprinkle epithets about the beauty of this route endlessly. But I can tell you one thing. You will drive along this road and envy yourself for being lucky enough to see it.

The Best Safari Parks

It’s hard to imagine a trip to Africa without a safari. Depending on the region of the country you will be in, you can visit one of these parks.

Kruger National Park

The first park that comes to mind for safaris in South Africa is, of course, Kruger. It has a large area and a great variety of animals. All the big five are found here. You can choose where you like to stay. In secluded areas where there are almost no tourists or vice versa in the busier areas. 

Aquila Private Game Reserve

It is also an interesting game drive. It is home to the entire Big Five. One of the main advantages of the park is that it is very close to Cape Town. 

Hluhluwe Game Reserve

It is located closer to Durban. It is one of the oldest protected areas in South Africa. If you want to see a rhino with a high probability, your chances here are very high. This park has one of the largest rhino populations in Africa.

South African cities that are worth seeing

Each of them has its fascinating history and differs from the rest. Traveling through the cities of South Africa, you’ll feel you’re traveling halfway around the world because of the diversity of cultures. 

Cape Town

The most amazing stories of travel in South Africa begin or end with a visit to a metropolis at the edge of the Earth. Sometimes you think you are in Europe, and other times you remember you are in Africa. The city is intoxicating with the mix of its cultures, sometimes making you lose touch with reality. As you walk, sometimes it feels like you are in the most beautiful dream and don’t want to wake up. But no, it is an amazing reality. While in Cape Town, one must climb to the top of Table Mountain, which offers the most beautiful view of the city. Otherwise, according to the rules of tourist etiquette, the trip will not count. 


If you want to dig deep into the History of South Africa, go to this young city with a turbulent past. The area where Johannesburg now stands was not very special until gold was discovered here. There are museums here that tell you a lot about the history of the city and South Africa. Take a trip back in time to learn about the harsh lives of ordinary miners and the rich mine owners. Johannesburg also has a gallery with paintings by local artists and the largest library in the southern hemisphere with books on human rights. 

But history is not the only one. Johannesburg has a great nightlife scene, so you can have a lot of fun if you want to.


The city of eternal summer, is on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The wide golden beaches, the variety of cultures, and the fashionable hotels on the coast bring many tourists here. Whatever you do in Durban, you won’t get bored, because there are more than enough things to do. You can just stroll along the Golden Mile, admire the ocean views, buy souvenirs, and it’s already a delight. You can go scuba diving here. The underwater world off the coast of Durban offers some of the most spectacular diving experiences in the world. If you are an art lover, visit the KZNSA Gallery. This is a trendy gallery showcasing paintings by famous contemporary artists. Street artists also have something to show you. Street art is a big part of Durban’s culture. 


The most authentic French wine is believed to be made in… South Africa! Winemaking began here as early as 1679 with the French Huguenots. They caused the first vines in Stellenbosch and the making of old French wine according to ancient recipes. Today there are many vineyards here. South African wine is unlike any other wine in the world. It is believed that the local conditions give the grapes a unique flavor. Tourists come here for wine and cheese tastings. And also to get into the atmosphere of France for a while.

Of course, the adventure in South Africa does not end here. This is just a paradise for fans of extreme holidays. Here you can dive in a cage with great white sharks, jump from one of the highest bungee cages in the world, go rafting, and much more.

South Africa also offers one of the most exquisite experiences on the luxury train Rovos. We will dedicate a separate article to this experience 🙂 

Frequently asked questions about traveling to South Africa

Some more information that might be helpful to you

When is the best time to travel to South Africa?

There are several climatic zones in South Africa, so the season here is all year round, but in different regions of the country. We will advise you in more detail when planning your trip. 

Do I need a yellow fever vaccination?

Yellow Fever Vaccination Not required to visit South Africa.

Is it convenient to travel to SAR with children?

More than that. The absence of yellow fever and malaria, good logistics, high-level hotels, and a wide range of activities make this country a great option for families. 

Let’s travel together!

A trip to the edge of the African continent is an endless pleasure, a break in templates, and vivid memories to last a lifetime. If you are going to travel to South Africa, we have some ideas for your vacation.

Have you ever been to South Africa? Do you plan to visit it? Which places would you choose?

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