Items to bring on a safari


The question “what to bring on a safari?” is one of the most popular among tourists.

Do you know the feeling when you are going on a trip, worried that you will forget something important and take a huge number of items with you? As a result, you never use them and they take up space in your suitcase for nothing.

Often trips on safari include a change of several parks and constant moving for several days. Agree, it’s not very convenient to have unnecessary luggage in this situation.

Our safari checklist will save your time and space in your suitcase. For a comfortable trip through Africa’s national parks, you will need:

– A jacket or warm sweater. Mornings and evenings in national parks can be quite cool. You may feel especially cold during game drives when driving through the park in a Jeep with the roof up.

– Pants. Preferably they shouldn’t be too tight. If you’re going to be driving around for hours at a time, you should be comfortable sitting the whole time.

– A pair of shirts and a couple of T-shirts. It is better to take 1 thing for one day, as it will be very dusty in the parks.

– Shorts. If pants are useful for morning and evening game-drives, then the day heat is probably easier to endure in shorts. Again, ones that allow you to sit comfortably and don’t constrain movement.

– Long sleeve shirt. A multi-purpose thing that will protect you from the wind and from the scorching sun.

– Headwear. This can be a cap or a special hat with sides for safari. It will protect your hair and eyes from dust and your head from the hot sun. In addition, the hat will complete your safari look 🙂

– Sneakers and sandals or flip-flops. On the same principle as the clothes. Sneakers for cooler weather, sandals for hotter ones. If the program you have planned a walking safari, of course, it is better to have a fully covered foot.

– Swimsuit. Almost all lodges have an outdoor pool. During the day you should have a couple of free hours, when you can swim and gain strength before the evening safari.

– Sunglasses.

– Repellent. You will need this stuff to protect you from mosquitoes and flies in the park. You can bring repellent from your country or buy it already in Africa before the safari.

– Sunscreen with a high SPF. The African sun is very insidious, especially if you are at the equator. Even if the weather is overcast, there is a great chance to get sunburn.

As for the color of clothing, it should be neutral colors. White clothing will get dirty very quickly, too bright is not desirable for the eyes of the animal. The most popular colors are khaki, gray, brown, etc.

If the chargers for your devices are designed for European power outlets, it is better to bring an adapter for American outlets. But if you happen to forget it – no problem, you can ask for an adapter at reception in the lodge or buy.

Standard first aid kit, based on the characteristics of your health, will be quite enough for a trip to Africa.

It is also good to take something to eat. When traveling with Iconic Expeditions, you will always be provided with a delicious hot lunch, breakfast and dinner at the lodge. But nuts, dried fruit, candy bars or any other favorite sweet that will give you a boost of energy will still be useful.

These are general recommendations for all countries, and we are happy to advise you before you start your trip.

Travel safe and comfortable with Iconic Expeditions!

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