Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours in Africa are an opportunity to see the most impressive sights from a bird’s-eye view and get to the most remote corners of some countries. 

For example, one of the most exciting helicopter flights last only 11 minutes. But during this time, you can see in detail the majesty of Victoria Falls. 

It is customary to view Cape Town from Table Mountain. But you can get even higher on a helicopter. The city is right in front of your eyes, and from a helicopter, you can watch the junction of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. 

Not everyone is ready to climb to a height of 5895 m to find themselves at the highest point in Africa–Kilimanjaro. However, the dream of seeing the snow-capped peak up close doesn’t seem unattainable if you do it during a helicopter flight. For about one hour, you will be circling over the top of a majestic mountain, admiring it from many angles. 


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