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Leaving the safari jeep during the game drive is forbidden in most national parks. In some places, it may not be safe. But you may want to walk on foot; feel the crunch of dry grass under your feet; breathe in the cozy air of Savannah; touch the dry acacia trees, and so on. Luckily for tourists in African parks, there are trails where you can walk. Of course, on this walk, there is an experienced ranger to ensure the safety of the guests.  

For example, you can go on a walk like this in Tsavo National Park in Kenya. After all, being in a jeep, you can not drive so close to the meltwater springs from Kilimanjaro to admire the hippos and crocodiles in them. And seeing frozen lava flows, you immediately want to jump out of the jeep to stroll through the bizarre landscapes and take bright pictures. And you will do it for sure!

There are hiking trails in popular parks like the Serengeti or the Masai Mara. You can combine the walk with a visit to a Masai village, making the trek even more authentic.

Walking safaris are very popular in Zambia and Zimbabwe, near the Zambezi River. Besides, you can find here many popular African animals, it is also a completely different African landscape.

One of the most impressive varieties of hiking safaris is trekking to the gorillas through the lush forests of Rwanda and Uganda.

In short, no matter what country you are in, Africa provides an opportunity not to watch from the sidelines and experience the most incredible unity with wildlife.

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