Game drives

Jeep safari in Africa is one of the most popular activities. It is available in all the national parks of East and Southern Africa. It is the kind of activity where you drive an off-road vehicle with the top-up and watch the animals from the window or through an open roof.

When you go on safari with us, you decide how long it should last. For example, you only want to go on a safari in the mornings and evenings. Or you want to save a minute and spend the entire day in the park.

You can also tell us where you want to be: in the park, where there is no one else, or if you are happy to meet other tourists.

Of course, it may depend on what you want to see. If you decide to visit the Serengeti at the height of the wildebeest migration, be prepared that dozens or hundreds of other people will want to see it. But be sure that our experienced guide will show you the best angles.

And a pleasant addition to the game drive with Iconic Expeditions will be a picnic right in the middle of the national park. You’ll dine at a beautifully set the table, eat fresh food prepared especially for you, and drink cold wine or beer.


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Serengeti National Park
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South Africa
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Victoria Falls
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