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When you go to Africa, you probably want to go on a safari or to the Indian Ocean. However, another activity deserves your attention because it reveals another facet of Africa. 

It is believed that Africa is the cradle of humanity. Authentic tribes who do not want to give up the way of life of their ancestors live here. Each tribe has its traditions and outlook on life, which they are happy to tell their guests. 

The Samburu are a tribe of nomadic herders. You can immediately recognize them by their brightly colored clothing and beads. They build their life on Samburu’s completely deserted land, and you will be interested to know how they survive in such harsh conditions. 

The Masai are tribes who live in the southern regions of Kenya and Tanzania. Their trademark is the bright red cape and spear. In contrast to the peaceful, Samburu – Masai are a warlike people. But this does not apply to tourists. These friendly people will be happy to meet you and show you how they arrange their lives. But if anyone hurts the Masai pride or encroaches on their territory, these people will immediately show their strength.

The Hadza live on Lake Eyasi shores and are mainly engaged in gathering. Also, these people are great at archery because it is another way to get food. By the way, when you visit the Hadza, they will certainly teach you how to shoot an arrow. You will also learn about the main health secrets of these people. After all, the members of this tribe never have problems with the heart or blood vessels.  

The Himba Redskins are people who live in the harsh expanses of Namibia. You’ll learn the story of a recalcitrant people who went through genocide, war, and drought but didn’t give up their culture.


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